By: Billie Kouwenhoven

It can be very overwhelming when you decide to prepare your home for a sale. Maybe you have a loved one that passes or a parent who can no longer can stay in their home. You may think, “where do I start?”

If you’re like me, you move into a room, roll up your sleeves, grab your cleaning stuff and prepare to get something accomplished! You’re looking around when you decide you need a box first. So you step out to grab a box and another room grabs you. Two hours later you’ve barely gotten anything accomplished!

How am I ever going to get this done, right?

Here is my suggestion to help you stay on track.

Make a “to-do” list for each room.

For example, the a bedroom list might read:

  • bedding to be donated
  • craigslist the bed frame and dressers
  • Jane wants the horse picture
  • northeast corner is the garbage pile
  • remove nails on wall from pictures

Tape the list to the door. That way if a friend or relative from out of town comes to help you they can go to that room and get a start on it.

If you are trying to get your own home ready to sell the same applies, just different categories.

  • Remove family pictures. (We want them looking at the home not at your family “thinking I wonder who’s house this is” and “Do I know them?”)
  • Touch up those knicked areas with paint if you can.
  • LESS IS MORE always applies!
  • CLEAN and TIDY also applies (the garage is always an acceptable place to move things and be full. People typically will know you are ready to move. Half the people in America use their garage as storage so they will have more grace for the clutter.)

I am always available with resources and will gladly help you with the “What about this areas.”