Jan Kvilhaug

My level of curiosity and energy toward each new day is high, my loyalty toward clients is solid, and my trustworthiness is a trait you can easily rely on.

Hi, I’m Jan!

Being a real estate consultant is a perfect fit for me because this occupation blends so well with my past professions of being an educator and a counselor. I love what these three careers share in common–helping people move forward in their circumstances and helping strengthen our community! Listening to what people are truly saying, helping them pinpoint reasonable goals, providing helpful direction and loyal support, partnering with them through the whole process and celebrating steps toward success are the highlights that connect all three professions. I’m grateful for the similarities because they have formed into a helpful set of professional traits that I get to share with you. Three careers are now integrated into one–for you to rely on!

License # RRE-RBS-LIC-80107

(406) 690-5583


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